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Audio Cassette & LP Transfers

Growing up in the 70's meant a lot of things. Cool music, funky clothing and most importantly the mix tape. For the first time anyone could record their favorite songs onto a cassette and share them with friends and family. The audio cassette has become synonymous music. Live recordings, personal events and recitals. You could record everything on your Sony Walkman and listen to it anywhere.

Records took us to the live stage and to the concert hall, providing a depth of sound that many today believe cannot be achieved with digital Mp3 players. But if you want to job and hear your classic rock records you want the clearest sound, the perfect levels.

Our audio technicians take the conversion of tapes, cassettes, records, Lps, micro cassettes and Reel to Reel audio very very seriously. Just like any audiophile they swear they can hear sounds the most humans cannot. We use professional equipment to not only capture the essence of the original audio media, our team takes special care to clean, process the transfer and review for perfections.

If you wish the highest quality audio conversions for your audio tapes, micro cassettes, records and Lps or reel to reels. Send us a sample tape. You will most definitely hear the difference.

Pro Equipment

We only use professional equipment. This allows us to get the best possible sound even from the oldest and most worn audio tape.

Clean Sound

After your audio tapes have been transferred, our quality assurance staff will review the order to make sure everything is perfect.

Perfect Volume

All transfers pass though professional grade audio processor for crystal clear sound and even volume.

Custom Editing

Don't stop at just transferring your tapes to Mp3. Meet with one of our editors to make a perfect mix tape compilation.

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Range of output formats

Once your audio recordings have been digitized into our computers, you have a variety of formats to choose from in which to get your audio. The most appropriate format depends on what your final goal with the recordings is.

WAV File
Audio CD
MP3 File
AAC File

Ship in your order

Keep your memories safe. Ship using a bonded courier. Take your footage to any FedEx or UPS Store. All the necessary shipping materials you need will be provided right there and their associates may even package your media for you. As these memories are usually irreplaceable we suggest taking the time to double box and use bubble wrap.

Choose a carrier that offers delivery confirmation to ensure the safest, most direct delivery possible. Once you have the tracking number send us an email with the number. We will watch out for the order and will contact you as soon as it comes in. One of our associates will also, at that time, spend a few minutes review your order with you and ensure we completely understand your needs.

Build your order

We are developing our order building application. Until then, please fill out the form below or give us a call at 416 479 0537 and we'll give you a no obligation quote.

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